Brew Guides

Have you always wanted to make the perfect cup of coffee from the comfort of your home? Well, now you can with our brew guide. We take you through some of the common equipment used for home brewing. Sit back, and get the coffee pack ready, it's time to make the pefect cup of joe!

The Aeropress

Aeropress brew gear

The aeropress is an essential piece of brew gear that is the minimalists' dream. Compact and great for travel, this small device was only designed in 2005 and is a very quick and convenient way of making coffee. It ensures coffee is prepared at optimal conditions and coffee is essentially forced through a filter, by pressing a plunger through a tube. The filters used for the Aeropress are either disc shaped thin metal filters or or paper filters.

Pour Over Coffee Drip Technique

pour over coffee drip technique

This technique has become increasingly popular in recent years. In Japan, its huge and various specialist equipment has sprung up such as the Osaka Cold Brew Dripper. The ritual is likened more to a kind of meditation, and is a welcome break from the use of loud machines in cafes. The technique focuses on slowly pouring hot water over the coffee in a filter, carefully calculating when to pour the next batch of hot water. Watching the process is part of the charm of this technique.

Moka Pot

moka pot home brew

The perfect solution for making espressos at home is the moka pot. This is making coffee the Italian way. Using these moka pots are so easy, all you need to do is place some water in the heating vessel, add the ground coffee to the filter plate screw in and place on a hob. Et voila! Italian espresso coffee done in a few minutes.