About Us

Who we are

Every night we go to bed excitedly thinking about our cup of coffee in the morning.

Bay Coffee is a family run business with a combined 40 years experience in the industry. A keen interest in coffee and roasting started many years ago as young students. We immersed ourselves in learning about sustainable farming processes to various roasting methods and barista techniques. 

Whilst we started out in corporate jobs, the entrepreneurial spirit was too forceful to ignore. We have owned and operated a number of successful cafes, driven by a desire to make each cup of coffee better than the last.

Bay Coffee is a culmination of our love for specialty coffee roasting, hospitality industry and customers. Our purpose and vision is to roast each batch to bring out its full potential and to create the best darn coffee we can. Come in and visit us at our Neutral Bay micro roastery.

Coffee Sourcing

A great cup of coffee starts its journey from the coffee plant in far off lands. In order to continually get a supply of top quality green beans we need to make sure the amazing farms and workers are supported.

At Bay Coffee we focus on fairly traded and directly farm-sourced coffee that supports sustainability and environmental conservation, economic equality and social ethics. 

We love to excite our loyal customers with well developed, beautiful coffees from around the world.