How to Make Great Coffee in Your Sydney Office

How to Make Great Coffee in Your Sydney Office

Generally speaking, Australia is a great country to live and work in. With an abundance of talented employees both home-grown and from overseas, companies work hard to ensure they can offer the best working environments for their staff. When it comes to these perks, don’t underestimate the power of things like having great quality coffee at workers fingertips at your office. If you’re the person responsible for organising the coffee facilities in your Sydney workplace then fear not, we’ve compiled the following list of tips on how to make great coffee in your office to keep your team smiling:


Upgrade Your Coffee Machine

While it may sound obvious, the unfortunate reality is that most old (and likely cheap to begin with) coffee makers simply won’t make a great cup of coffee. If you are the boss or the office manager, you may be in a position to invest in a solid coffee machine for the office which will make your workers very happy indeed. It will also reduce down-time from workers leaving the office to head to their nearest café for their fix. If you plan to buy a coffee maker for the office, have a chat with the team to work out what coffee they like and to pick their brains about the best fitting coffee machine for your office needs.


Grind Your Own Beans

For truly fresh tasting coffee, it’s important to grind your beans just as you make your cup of caffeine-filled goodness. It may take fractionally longer than using pre-ground coffee but trust us, it’s so worth it! Whole coffee beans will stay fresher and more flavoursome for longer than their pre-ground counterparts, especially when kept in a vacuum-sealed bag. Here at Bay Coffee we have our own roastery on-site in Neutral Bay and can advise on the best coffee beans for your office depending on your teams’ preferences.


Keep it Clean

Unfortunately, a coffee machine is something which can be neglected when it comes to office cleaning schedules. Inadequate cleaning of any coffee machine can result in an odd taste due to a build-up of coffee residues and oils inside the unit. Depending on how often it’s used, a coffee machine should be thoroughly cleaned every 2-4 weeks. Why not assign the task to a different employee each time on a rota basis? Character-building we say!


It’s the Little Things

If you follow the above tips of using a quality coffee machine which is regularly cleaned and use freshly ground, high-quality beans you’re well on track to making incredible coffee from the comfort of your Sydney office. The last tip we would give you is to use water from the office water cooler or at least filtered water rather than tap water for the coffee as tap water will unfortunately slightly affect the overall taste.


So, there you have it! For more information about the best quality beans to use, drop into our café and micro-roastery in Neutral Bay, Sydney today.

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