5 Coffee Trends in Australia in 2019

5 Coffee Trends in Australia in 2019

Here at Bay Coffee, we’re coffee nerds. We live and breathe the stuff and we’re always keeping our ear to the ground for the latest trends both here in Australia and around the world. So, with that in mind, we’ve written this blog to compile a list of the trends we can expect to see hitting the coffee industry in Australia in 2019:


Nitro Coffee

2019 is almost certain to see a surge in popularity of nitro coffee, a combination of coffee and nitrogen gas. The infusion of nitrogen gas creates a rich, foamy texture and leads to a marginally sweeter taste to the coffee when compared to traditional iced coffee. It’s also a pretty cool process aesthetically, so expect to see many boomerangs of it on your Instagram stories next year!


Oat Milk

Already hugely popular in cafes around the world, oat milk looks set to take Australia by storm over the next 12 months. In the UK and America, oat milk has surpassed almond and soy milk in popularity as the alternative milk of choice for all kinds of coffees.


Cold-Brew Coffees

While not a revolutionary concept by any stretch, cold brew coffee looks set to continue growing in popularity in Australia in 2019. Cold brewing is a method whereby ground coffee beans are soaked in water for up to 24 hours. The benefit of this when compared to standard iced-coffee is greater oxidation resulting in a less acidic and bitter flavour.


Mushroom Coffee

Ok, while this one may not go totally mainstream, it’ll be interesting to see how the popularity of mushroom coffee will increase next year. It boats some pretty impressive health benefits including its support of digestive health along with its abilities to combat viruses and some types of bacteria. It’s best described as having an unsurprising smooth and earthy taste!


Rainbow Coffee

A slightly more polarising trend which is less likely to gain widespread popularity in 2019 is rainbow coffee. Rainbow coffee is quite simply regular coffee with food dye added to it to offer different colours for your favourite brew. Again, this trend is likely to be popular with Instagram addicts Australia-wide!


These are just some of the trends we can expect to see growing in popularity on the Aussie coffee scene over the next 12 months. Of course, we’ll be staying across these and other trends while continuing to serve you up quality coffee consistently at our café and roastery here in Neutral Bay, Sydney. We also sell our coffee beans online Australia-Wide from our online store. Come check us out today!

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