4 Reasons to Try Brewing Coffee at Home in Australia

4 Reasons to Try Brewing Coffee at Home in Australia

Everyone loves a coffee at their favourite Sydney cafe and for good reason. The smells, the ambience and the friendly baristas are just a few reasons why ‘grabbing a coffee’ is a staple part of the day in the lives of many Australians. However, there are also good reasons to mix things up and brew your own coffee at home sometimes. Here at Bay Coffee, we are happy to cover all bases for you! We have our own relaxed and welcoming café for when you want someone else to prepare your coffee for you and our own roastery and shop under the same roof. Below are 4 good reasons to buy some beans and learn to brew your coffee at home:

Save Money

It will be no surprise to anyone that it’s cheaper to brew your own coffee at home than to buy one from a café. Cafes are businesses after all, with overheads like wages, rent and utility bills which need to be covered in the price of your cup of caffeinated goodness.

There is roughly 10-12g of coffee beans used in the average cup of coffee. This means a 500g bag, which costs around $25 at Bay Coffee in Sydney, could produce approximately 50 coffees. Buying this amount of coffees from a cafe could cost between $200-$250! Keep in mind that you will need to invest in coffee making equipment upfront but even so, over the course of a year or less it will pay for itself.

Expand your Coffee Palette

Here at Bay Coffee in Sydney, we stock bags of coffee beans of different roast degrees, strengths and flavours from all over the world. The beauty of brewing coffee at home, is that you can try out different roasts over time and develop your taste for coffee. Just like wine or whiskey-tasting, many factors affect the end result including growing conditions, harvest location, roast level, brewing method and water temperature for coffee. Experimenting will help make your coffee palette more sensitive over time and you’ll be able to nail the exact tastes and textures you love in your cup of coffee.

Taste is deeply personal and there is no “right” taste for everyone.  Want to reduce your dairy in take? Try filter or French press.  Want more strength in the cup?  Experiment with darker, more developed roasts.  Prefer lighter, interesting tastes?  Try washed coffees from Central America which typically have more delicate body but beautiful unique acids. Want to try some of the most interesting coffee in the world?  Get your hands on some Kenyan or Ethiopian coffee. 

Sense of Achievement

As humans, we are inherently stimulated and pleased when we learn to do things we couldn’t do before. Brewing your own coffee is a truly useful skill to be equipped with, and as it’s something you can keep refining and tweaking, you’ll continue to learn and hone your barista skills. Next time one of your friends suggest grabbing a coffee, why not invite them over, brew your favourite blend and show off what you’ve learnt!

Do it All from the Comfort of Your Own Home

You don’t need to get dressed, put your makeup on or even look in the mirror before you get your coffee if you brew it at home. Or, if you’ve had a few too many espresso martinis the night before, your alcohol-free espresso fix is practically at arm’s reach!

These are just some reasons why you should give home-brewing a go! Here at Bay Coffee, we’re a roaster with a shop, wholesale coffee arm and a café in Sydney. Whatever your coffee needs, shoot us an email or give us a call today for a chat with a friendly coffee expert who’ll be able to advise you on the perfect coffee bean for your needs!

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